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Printed circuit board engineering & manufacture

Gemini Tec has provided printed circuit boards to its customers since 1978. We are highly experienced in all aspects of PCB manufacturing and engineering, having owned and managed our own UK PCB manufacturing facility.Bare PCB card supplied by Gemini Tec

Our knowledge base and in-house technical expertise ensures this core component is manufactured to correctly to specification. Our FET team use BARCO U-CAM tooling software to ensure the PCB data passes numerous DRC, DFM and netlist checks, including verification of the correct impedance, layer stack up configuration and raw material selection.

We are fully conversant with a full range of PCB technologies from standard multilayer products, HDMI products, laser via/flat pad, resin/copper filled via technology, through to flex rigid products. Our experienced tooling engineers understand the necessary requirements for the PCB assembly and optimised production techniques. 

In addition to data engineering we off a full reverse engineering and artwork scanning service direct from our facility.

Our core competencies in PCB manufacturing technology are:

  • Quick turn PCB manufacture from the UK, (from 3 working days)
  • Small, medium and large volume from Asia Pacific (from 5 days working days)
  • High mix capability, low-to-medium volume, high technology & quick-turn.
  • Multilayer technology 4-40 layers, controlled impedance, mechanical/laser drilling, LDI printing.
  • Min Line width/spacing(mil): 2.5/2.5 with hole aspect ratio of up to 20:1
  • PCB laminates, FR4, High Tg, HR370, IS410, P95, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon)
  • Surface finishes including HASL, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Flash, Gold Edge connector, OSP, Lead Free HAL.
  • Full reverse engineering service & Artwork scanning service.

The quality of raw PCB manufacture is critical to our assembly operation and our customers products. Stringent controls are in place to check PCB inventory, such 2D mechanical inspection, FAI, micro-section, destructive testing and solder flow testing prior to build.

Our customers choose to benefit from our technical expertise and commercial leverage to provide PCB's.

If you need advise on complex PCB manufacture, contact us.

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