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Solder Jet Printing, for complex surface mount boards

In 2008, Gemini Tec were the first UK based CEM to introduce 'Solder Jet Printing' technology for complex surface mount PCB assemblies. Today, we Close up view of our solder jet printertypically place in excess of 40,000 BGA devices per year, with comprehensive technology for 0.35 mm pitch BGA & PoP devices.

The MYDATA 'MY500' is the revolutionary technology that applies solder paste directly onto the PCB, without the need to use stencils. With over 80% of typical production errors attributed to poor solder paste application 'Solder Jet Printing' provides the technical solution.

How does solder jet printing work?

Small solder paste deposits are placed at the rate of 1.8 million dots per hour, to carefully construct the optimum solder paste deposit for each pad position. Technology components require specific paste rules to be used, to obtain the optimum reflow conditions. The rules for technology boards often exceed the capability of traditional stencil methods.

Solder jet printing technology can easily meet these new demands with great accuracy and perfect consistency from board to board. The process ensures we can fully optimise the paste deposit and remove many of the typical production errors associated with stencil printing (floating QFNs, excessive solder, voids, short and opens)

By removing the many variables within the paste and reflow process, we can apply a lean approach for complex PCB assembly. This approach provides many advantages in efficiency, cost, yield, compliance and customer satisfaction.

PCB with multiple BGA placements prior to solder jet printing

Click here to visit our YouTube channel and see this technology in action.

Solder Jet Printing has many commercial & technical advantages for Gemini Tec and its customers.

  • 100% accurate and 100% repeatable, without deviation.
  • Optimum solder joints with typical yields at 100%.
  • No stencil tooling.
  • No ordering or waiting for stencils to commence SMT production.
  • Tooling and process development conducted in real time.
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Optimum yields through AOI.
  • No production delays.
  • Best suited tor complex surface mount PCB products.
  • Optimised technology for 0.35 mm pitch BGA's
  • Optimised technology for package-on-package BGA devices.


‘Solder Jet Printing’ technology is used across the entire manufacturing process at Gemini Tec and all our customers benefit from this technology. Paste tooling is now created directly from your ASCII CAD data, removing the need to wait and verify the critical printing process and allowing production to commence immediately with confidence. Even paste modifications can be made instantly in the production cycle, removing the risk of poor quality solder joints and time consuming re-work.

PCB with multiple BGA parts post placement and reflow

Download the CAD ASCII datasheet pdfG-Tec CAD ASCII Datasheet.pdf84.6 KB


This leading edge technology ensures we can manufacture SMT products with extremely high yields and short lead times. If you are looking to build complex SMT products using BGA and package-on-package BGA devices, contact us.

Click the link to see a short video of this technology: SOLDER JET PRINTING - Stencil Free Technology

Contact us to discuss the technical and commercial advantages of solder jet printing. You can arrange a visit for a technical demonstration of solder jet printing technology.

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What our customers say about solder jet printing::

"DSL have found the solder jet printing technology used at Gemini has vastly improved the yields for our high complexity PCB products, together with savings in NRE charges and improved delivery times."