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PoP - Package-on-Package BGA assembly

The demand to design and build products using (Package on Package) is increasing rapidly from customers involved in hand held products, such as mobile communications, PDA, tablet and camera based technology.Typical PCB assembly made by Gemini Tec with a 0.4mm pitch PoP device

At our leading edge production facility based in Aldershot UK, Gemini Tec provide product assembly for package-on-package technology (PoP). The use of leading edge PCBA manufacturing tools, such as our MYDATA solder jet printer allows our customers to easily access this technology.

Package on package (PoP) is an integrated circuit packaging method to combine vertically discrete logic and memory ball grid array (BGA) packages. Two or more packages are installed atop each other, i.e. stacked, with a standard interface to route signals between them. This allows a much higher component density on PCB design to be used.PoP/OMAP stack up diagram


Electrically, PoP offers benefits by minimising track length between different interoperating parts, such as a controller and a memory. This yields better electrical performance of devices, since shorter routing of interconnections between circuits yields faster signal propagation and reduced noise and cross-talk.



Using our MYDATA solder jet printing technology, with it's highly controlled Z-height paste control, solder paste deposits can be printed to both PCB’s and ASICC logic dies during the same manufacturing cycle. Our highly flexible MYDATA chip placers can accurately place stacked memory dies to form the BGA PoP assembly. Our facility uses automated handling to mirror large-scale volume assembly and in addition to a bespoke thermal profile process we provide additional process checking such as X-ray, camera inspection, X J-tag and AOI inspection.MYDATA MY500 printer, suitable for PoP assembly

The image shows a typical hand held product manufactured using a 0.35 mm pitch package-on-package device, made by Gemini Tec. The product is built as a typical double-sided surface mount board, except with a additional pass through the solder jet printing line, to paste the logic chip before placement and the final reflow process. The ability to place solder paste onto PoP devices and conduct the correct thermal profile is key to producing high yield PCB assemblies for PoP technology products.0.4 mm pitch device loaded onto a PCB


We provide manufacturing services for package-on-package BGA assembly (PoP devices) for rapid prototype to medium batch production orders. Our service is suitable for a wide variety of products such as; niche applications of 1-1000 batch sizes, short product life cycles, development boards and NPI prior to mass volume manufacture.



If you are considering the use of PoP (Package-on-Package) technology, contact us for more assistance. We provide a full turnkey service from PCB design to full production, backed with over 36 years of industry experience.

Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444 for PoP technology.

Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Thank you for your efforts in producing this first run of products using the 0.4 mm Package-On-Package device, we are pleased to say we have passed 100% of the batch - and we can now move ahead to production very soon"